SCB AGM - 11th April

The Somerset Cricket Board AGM is being held at Weston Super Mare Cricket Club on Wednesday 11th April at 7pm (2018).


1. Apologies for absence:

2. Reports:

    (a) Financial Report: summary of audited accounts for financial year October 2016/17

    (b) Cricket Development Manager’s report

    (c) Youth Performance Chairman’s report

3. Current SCB Directors offering themselves for re-election by rotation:

Current Directors Ray Hancock and Jane Knowles offer themselves for re-election. 

4. Additional proposals received from members:

5. Date of next meeting: Wednesday April 10th 2019 at a venue to be confirmed.

** Please note the SCB AGM’S constitutional requirements as set out below:

1. The SCCC CEO and the SCB Executive Director Andy Fairbairn are ex officio Directors. Two of the remaining current Directors retire and/or are re-elected each year.

2. Nominations for election to set against the proposed re-election of current Directors must be received by the Chairman in writing fourteen days prior to the AGM: the nomination must be signed by the proposer, with an added signature consenting to his nomination from the nominated member.

 3. All written resolutions or proposals for suggested change must be received by the Chairman in writing fourteen days prior to the AGM, with a proposer and seconder. In the event of a subsequent vote on the proposal a simple majority will suffice, based on a show of hands.

4. Any individual member or organisation’s delegate may in his absence appoint a proxy, who can both speak and vote, there being one vote per member or organisation.

Andy Curtis
Chairman Somerset Cricket Board

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