Somerset Disabled Cricket Club


By Neil Staines


13 May 2018

Dorset DCC v Somerset DCC

Martinstown Cricket Club, Dorchester, Dorset.


Somerset Players


Nick Dean (C)

James Mayled

James Redwood

Jamie Turner

Jack Milton

Ben Hallows

Colin Hancock

Paul Lewis

Simon Penny (WK)

Sam Guy


With each of the teams fielding a 10 man side and in accordance with the Rules of Cricket the number of overs for the afternoon would be limited to 35.


Martinstown Cricket Club is situated in the small picturesque Dorsetshire village of Winterbourne Monkton, a few miles to the South West of Dorchester, nestled in a small valley the weather being warm but with a comfortable cooling breeze blowing across the centre square.

The 1st Match of the campaign between the tri-league of Somerset, Dorset and Gloucester which was played at Taunton Deane last weekend against Gloucester, unfortunately finished with a loss although close it was down to the last over and a Gloucestershire team that just managed to get themselves a win. After match analysis it was highlighted that most of the blame for the loss was down to fielding errors so this was the focus of the pre-match warm-up.


Captains went out into the centre for the coin toss which was lost to Dorset who elected to Bowl first. The pitch was inspected prior to the match and it was deemed to be a batting wicket. Hard and dry, so the Dorset decision was well received by the Somerset skipper. With 1300hrs rapidly approaching, the team were brought together for the all-important Captains briefing where Nick outlined the Game plan, concentrate on runs and not being dismissed by mistakes that could be avoided.

Opening pair took to the crease confident in their bating ability honed over winter and spring training.

The first Somerset Victim was Nick Dean (1) the skipper and after facing 4 balls, T Best, the bowler bowled a perfect line ball that hit the middle and leg stumps, unfortunately the walk back to the pavilion was earlier than hoped and expected. Somerset was off to a shaky start, all they needed was to settle down and occupy the crease for a decent spell, giving themselves the opportunity to gain runs.


That came in the form of a 99 run partnership between James Mayled (2) and Trig Redwood (3) and after 14.5 overs Somerset had amassed a score of 103. James had eaked out a respectable 32 in 45 minutes, off some challenging bowling finally being bowled by J Pittaway. Five 4s, Two 2s and eight singles gave Somerset the stability that was required which culminated in Trig Redwood reaching his 50 off 48 Balls before he had to retire as per the rules. Seven 4s, two 2s and eighteen hard run singles gave trig the deserved total in 74 minutes. With James Mayled’s dismissal and Trig Redwoods retirement it was down to Jamie Turner (4) and Jack Milton (5) to keep the runs ticking over. The next fall of wicket was after Somerset had increased their runs to 175 when Jamie Turner (4) fell victim to some accurate bowling from S Wiltshire, some strong batting from Jamie saw a total of 33 runs being achieved through two 6s, four 4s and five singles in 32 minutes after the young Left handed Bat faced just 24 balls. The enthusiasm of Ben Hallows (6) gained him 4 runs after facing 4 balls that was gained from a boundary before being caught behind by S. Wiltshire off the bowling of A White at which point Somerset had achieved 181 with 10 overs remaining 4 overs later Colin Hancock (7) was dismissed for 1 off 11 balls having been at the crease for 12 minutes Dorset’s A. White struck again with some accurate bowling with Colin’s dismissal Somerset were now on 206 with 5.5 overs remaining in the innings. The Left Hander Jack Milton put on a stunning batting display to achieve 50 runs before retiring two 6s, one 5, seven 4s with the remainder picked up with singles saw the young talent provide a master class in boundaries to the delight of all watching in just 34 Balls. The next wicket was to fall with only 4 balls left of the Somerset innings when Paul Lewis (8) the Vice-Captain had reached 10 off 17 balls this was managed by hitting one 5, one 2 and 3 singles. The remaining 4 balls of the 35th over saw the spin bowling Sam Guy (10) hit a 4 off the last ball of the over bring the total Somerset score to a very respectable 248. A Bitter pill for the Dorset team was that 64 extras were given away in the form of 49 runs off wides (2 runs per wide given in this format of the game with no extra balls bowled in that over) and 15 leg byes. Simon Penny (9) did not get the opportunity to increase on the Somerset Total before the final balls were bowled.


Somerset Batting

James ‘Trig’ Redwood 50 retired

Jack Milton 50 Retired

Jamie Turner 33

James Mayled 32


Dorset Fielding

T Best 2W, 24R, 7O, 2M

A White 2W, 10R, 3O, 1M


After a very nice Tea provided by the Dorset Disabled Cricket Club in the Martinstown Pavilion Dorset DCC, had the daunting task of attempting to get 249 runs for a win in 35 overs. This was a hard target but they were confident that they could rise to the challenge. Skipper S. Wiltshire (1) opened the batting with A.White (2) and faced 6 balls before being dismissed off the bowling of Jamie Turner a great response having been knocked for two 6s. Dorset were 12 for 1 off the first over the pressure was being applied by both teams and it appeared that Dorset were out to prove a point. Next to bowl was Jack Milton who on a good day could bowl with a fair pace and accuracy. Today was a good day both for Somerset and the young player from Taunton. Two balls into the over and A. White was returning to the pavilion with his bat under his arm for naught having faced 2 balls off the deadly accurate Milton. Three balls later and T. Best (3) was returning with his bat having faced 1 ball and being dismissed by an ecstatic Milton having bowled him lbw for 0 runs. Dorset were 15 for 3 in the second over. Somerset managed to keep their concentration as the fourth wicket of J. Hilditch fell to Jamie Turner after getting an edge and gratefully received by Simon Penny the waiting Wicket keeper. 6.2 overs into the innings and it had started to look a little worrying for Dorset who were now 43 for 5 after Jamie Turner dismissed I. Hollands (5) for 4 runs off 10 balls, Having attained 3 wickets meant that young Jamie had to retire from bowling due to the rules. However, 2.3 overs later Colin Hancock struck with a wicket against L Mitchell (7) having hit 2 runs off 8 balls. Dorset were now 47 for 6 off 10.4 overs, and needed stability in the centre square which came in the form of S. Marks (6). Supported by J. Pittaway (8) Dorset started a spell of tick-over which was frustrating the Somerset bowling attack (as well as the team manager Mr Jason Mayled)  and it wasn’t until 16.1 overs into the inning that the 7 wicket of Pittaway fell to the accurate bowling of Colin Hancock  for 0 runs and his 2nd wicket of the innings. 74 minutes after taking the crease young S. Marks was dismissed having scored 35 runs of eight 4s and 3 singles after pace was injected back into the attack by the skipper giving Jack Milton another spell. With 3 wickets claimed by Milton it meant that he had to retire from the attack, grinning from ear to ear this would be a match that he would not forget in a hurry. Dorset were 93 for 8 off 29.3 overs. The target of 248 had long been out of reach and they were now playing for county pride against the onslaught of a clinical Somerset bowling attack. The final wicket of the innings fell to the skipper Nick Dean bowling S. Collins for 0 runs off 6 balls leaving M Pickersgill the left handed Dorset batsman with 5 not out.


Dorset Batting

S. Marks 35

I. Hollands 17

S. Wiltshire 12


Somerset Fielding

Jack Milton 3W, 9R, 3.3O, 1M

Jamie Turner 3W, 18R, 4O, 1M

Colin Hancock 2W, 9R, 5O, 2M

Nick Dean 1W, 1R, 1.5O, 1M


A brave effort from Dorset to attempt to reach a total that was considered high and unfortunately for them it was not to be. In all truthfulness the game should have been over a lot sooner as Somerset failed to execute some catches, 6 off which was off the spin bowling of Sam Guy much to his and the coaches disappointment, having said that fielding remained tight throughout and the bowling was of a high standard with only 18 extras given away. A good performance from the keeper meant that there were only 2 byes given.


A superb match and a great team effort by all that participated. Thanks to all the parents and friends that came to support and thanks go to Alistair Hallows for providing a comprehensive score sheet with Manhattens, Worms and Wagonwheels all helping to piece the story together.


Next game is at Gloucester on the 10th June.