West Monkton Community 6's is a hit


On the 20th August West Monkton Cricket Club held their first Community 6's Festival supported by Somerset Cricket Board. 

The aim of the event was to raise the profile of the cricket club within the local community.  The Board supported with the design and printing of a flier as well as the loaning of softball cricket equipment.  The Club toiled to recruit entries as well as securing volunteers for the many roles needed on the day. 

The festival saw six teams take part; one was a women's team, which may well lead to the start of a future women's section, and a  junior team!  There was a great atmosphere and the club had an army of volunteers umpiring, scoring, cooking, pouring drinks as well as running a bouncy castle!  The festival was a great way for people to find out about the club and for senior former players to return to rekindle some great memories!  A great day was had by all (we won’t mention the incessant rain and that the final was played flippers instead of bats!).

If your club is keen to have some Board support with the possible launch of a community festival/league, please do get in touch with