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Schools cricket is vital to the lifeblood of the game and we want to offer the very best opportunity for schools to enthuse and develop their staff and pupils in the sport. We manage the Chance to Shine programme which will see an investment of over £60,000 going into grass roots cricket in Somerset in 2017/18 benefitting many clubs and over 135 schools. We also manage numerous school competitions, both indoors and out, to try and give school children the opportunity to play competitively against each other.

The Somerset Cricket Board is continually striving to enable more people to play cricket more often and as part of this we understand the importance of getting the sport played in schools across the County. 

Through the support of the Chance to Shine programme we have been able to put together an array of opportunities that every school can benefit from. There are a number of ways that both pupils and staff can develop through cricket as well as a competition structure which provides the chance for girls and boys to play the game in an age and ability appropriate environment.

To continue to improve our links with all educational establishments we are asking every school to become affiliated to the Somerset Cricket Board. At a cost of just £25 the school will be able to access all of the benefits set out in the Schools Offer as well as any future opportunities which will be communicated with far greater ease once the affiliation process has been completed.

Click here to affiliate your school for 2017/18

Alternatively, to generate an invoice for the affiliation payment, please contact Scott Chappell on 

For more information or to discuss cricket provision at your school please contact our Youth Development Manager Scott Chappell ( - ).