2013 Player survey findings

The responses from the 554 cricketers who took the Somerset Cricket Board survey have now been analysed and a report has been produced by the SCB on the findings (the whole report can be downloaded below). The report highlights the key findings from the survey and has recommendations for those involved in organising cricket at clubs, leagues and the SCB itself.

Headline figures from the survey include:

  • Eighty per cent of players rated their feelings on playing cricket at four or five out of five, with five being very happy.

  • The most important factor in people playing cricket is the social side with 88% saying that this was important or crucial to them.

  • Eighty six per cent of players played Saturday League cricket in 2013, the next most popular format of cricket was midweek league or cup cricket which was played by 41%.

  • The majority (87%) of league players want their games to finish by 7:30pm at the latest.

Somerset Cricket Board Development Manager Andy Fairbairn says the findings will help shape the future of the recreational game in the county: 'Some really important information has come from the player survey and we (the SCB) will shape our future support to clubs and leagues accordingly. For the first time we have evidence that tells us what our players want from the game and we will do our best to use this to improve the experience of playing recreational cricket in Somerset'.
Fairbairn also had some concerns from the information received: 'When players were asked what they wanted more of there was no obvious answer. We want to keep more players in the game and encourage new players to start playing, the issue that wasn't solved by the survey is what format of cricket to use to do this. We will continue to trial formats and expand the succesful ones with the aim of offering everyone in Somerset the opportunity to be involved in our wonderful sport'.

League specific data will be analysed and distributed to leagues during the autumn.

The 2013 Somerset Player Survey Report can be downloaded (0.7MB) by clicking here.