Over 70s

Somerset Over 70s provides the opportunity for those who, having possibly progressed through other ‘Senior Sides’ or who are looking to re-engage with cricket in their ‘advanced years’, can join with others in an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and keep body and mind in better shape.


Currently, our Over 70s compete in a ‘Friendly Cricket League’ whose membership embraces six counties – Devon, Wales, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and ourselves.  Recognising that the ‘pool of players’ available for selection can be restricted, we operate a loose age qualification and accept players aged 67+ - with even that being stretched to ensure we can all field sides and fulfil fixtures.   And that really is the great motivator: to facilitate opportunities for as many people as possible who are able and wish to continue playing, particularly when other avenues (such as local club cricket) are no longer realistic options.

While it is true that, with age, the players have retained a competitive edge, there is a high level of sportsmanship and good humour and, of course, enormous pleasure in being able to play at a level and pace that is appropriate and manageable.

We are very fortunate to benefit from the generosity of clubs which make their facilities available to us, hosting our matches by preparing good wickets and delivering a high standard of catering. This is a real plus and is very much appreciated.

We are always pleased to hear from those who may be wondering about the future of their involvement in cricket and warmly welcome any who might consider continuing to participate in the game and defer ‘hanging up their boots’ for a while longer – or maybe even dusting off their boots for another crack at the game we can continue to enjoy. 

If you would like to know more about Over 70s cricket in Somerset please contact one of the following:


Chairman:                 Brian Pearson          brian@vividclouds.com

Secretary:                 Adrian Procter           trudenade@hotmail.com

Captain:                     Roger Lines              rhlines@btinternet.com