Become a Chance to Shine cricket club

Does your club want better links with your local schools?
Do you want to add strength and depth to your youth section?
Does your club want to launch a girls’ or boys' team?


Then why not become a Chance to Shine cricket club?

What is Chance to Shine?

Chance to Shine was launched in 2005 by the Cricket Foundation to regenerate competitive cricket and bring its educational benefits to primary and secondary schools across the country. The scheme is delivered through individual projects across England and Wales. A cluster of schools in the geographical area of their local cricket club are supported by a qualified cricket coach from the cricket. The Somerset Cricket Board works closely with the schools and clubs to help them sustain cricketing activities and encourage pupils to migrate from the school to the club.

In the academic year of 2013/14 over, 1980 hours of cricket coaching were delivered across Somerset - through sixteen club projects and a number of Cricket Board led programs - as a result of Chance to Shine funding.

How will Chance to Shine benefit my club?

Clubs have many reasons to be involved in the Somerset Cricket Board’s Chance to Shine programme. Interaction with primary and secondary schools helps to increase junior membership and build a greater community presence. In the past Chance to Shine engagement has helped clubs who were in real hardship with not only poor numbers in their youth section, but also a swindling senior set-up.

Coaches from the club are not only given paid work, but also regular opportunities to take part in training and development. Support for both the coach(es) and the manager of the project is provided throughout the process, to ensure that both the club and their schools get the most out of this fantastic programme.

What is required of my club to deliver Chance to Shine in 2015?

A club will require a Chance to Shine manager who can work with the Somerset Cricket Board to ensure the project is delivered to its agreed objectives and a lead coach who can undertake delivery of the project. Should a club coach be unable to commit to delivery during the school day there are limited coaching resources around the county which the club may be able to use.

How can my club become a 2015 Chance to Shine project?

If your club is affiliated to the Somerset Cricket Board and you would like more details about becoming a Chance to Shine Club then please complete the following or contact schools and disability development officer Edgar Herridge, ,  .