2016 league restructure

Since the West of England Premier League (WEPL) AGM in January and the positive vote for a restructure of league cricket in the region, WEPL and the four Feeder leagues have been working on producing and defining the processes that they will follow at the end of the 2015 season in order to place teams in to the new structure for 2016.

The four feeder leagues and WEPL have continued to work closely together in the long-term best interests of the game which reflects very well on all the volunteers involved in running the five leagues.

Players from more than ten different clubs were involved in a consultation and along with expert opinions from league committees it was agreed that trying to ensure as many teams as possible had plenty to play for in 2015 was the right approach. Promotion and relegation based on finishing positions in 2015 will be applied prior to placing teams in 2016, so there is all to play for this coming season!

When reading through each of the papers, please also note the following:

Feeder Leagues:

It was agreed by the five leagues that the following principles would be consistent across all four feeder leagues:

  • Promotion and relegation will be applied at end of 2015 season before placings take place.
  • After promotion and relegation has been applied, 2nd XIs will be placed en bloc with other 2nd XI teams from their county in their existing WEPL division.


  • The WEPL processes regarding promotion/relegation for 2015 and the composition of the 70 team structure for 2016 were decided as a result of player consultation.

Each league's papers on the placement of teams in 2016 can be found below:

WEPL restructure process (4 pages)

Bristol & District League restructure process (4 pages)

Somerset Cricket League restructure (2 pages)

Gloucestershire Cricket League (3 pages)

Wiltshire Cricket League (2 pages) 

There will be presentations on the attached papers at the upcoming pre-season balls meetings.