Softball Festival - Wembdon Review

Women's Hardball & Softball Festival - 3rd September.


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3. Softball Festival

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Women's Softball Festival 14th May

​​The 14th May was the inaugural Women's softball Festival at Wembdon Cricket Club.  This was the first weekend the Club was fully open to the community and we were very privileged to have this honour in christening their facility.  Wembdon Cricket Club were very hospitable providing an excellent bar and a wonderful BBQ.  A massive thank you to all the volunteers in preparing for our arrival and their hard work on the day. 

The afternoon started with a massive downpour; at one point I thought the cricket bats were going to be used as paddles to get us all home, but thankfully the rain subsided and the sun broke through.  As the sun started to shine the smiles on faces started to appear!

Before we got straight into the cricket SOMERSET FITNESS ensured that we were all warmed up with a fun pulse raiser to get us all going!

Then the cricket!    Not all teams had a full complement of players, but the rules were flexible to accommodate those players and teams whom this was their first introduction into cricket.  Our excellent umpires managed each game superbly ensuring there was a good spirit between the teams.  We are all about the FUN and ENJOYMENT!!

At the end of the festival we had some very special prizes to award. 

Team of the day went to Wembdon CC

Shot of the day was awarded to Bonnie of Weston Super Mare

Catch of the day was presented to Jen of Claverham

Ball of the day was given to Kia of Bridgwater

Each team then presented a bottle of bubbly to one person in their team who embodied the theme of the festival - committed, willing, friendly and supportive. 

It was a fantastic day, with plenty of enjoyment.  You don't need to be a cricketing expert to enter, you just need to be up for a challenge and committed. If you want to enter the next festival, see here for more details

The final league positions can be seen below

  WSM Staplegrove Wembdon B/Water Points
WSM xxxxx 240-235 182-236 214-235 3
Staplegrove 235-240 xxxxxxxxxxx 223-261 242-251 0
Wembdon 236-182 261-223 xxxxxxxxxx 227-224 9
B/Water 253-214 251-242 224-227 xxxxxxx 6


  Ilton Claverham Street Points Average Position
Ilton xxxx 219-222 263-224 3 241 1
Claverham 222-219 xxxxxxxxxxx 255-256 3 238.5 3
Street 224-263 256-255 xxxxxx 3 240 2


Play off's
Weston S - M v Claverham 225-247
Street v Bridgwater 199-244
Ilton v Wembdon 228-244