All Stars Cricket

All Stars Cricket a huge success in 2017

Tens of thousands of boys and girls have played cricket for the first time this summer thanks to All Stars Cricket.

More than 37,000 children aged between five and eight took part in the programme across England and Wales.

The facts and figures for All Stars Cricket in Somerset were just as impressive with over 1200 children participating in the initiative across 38 different clubs.

The programme has successfully introduced new families to the game, with over seven in ten of those who signed their children up being new to their local club. Parents joined in the fun, with 70% of sessions receiving parental support.

The programme is also introducing a new generation of coaches. Three-quarters (74%) of the 4,136 All Stars Activators are new to the game, which equates to around 3,000 new coaches to inspire the next generation.

Matt Dwyer, ECB Director of Participation and Growth said: “Through All Stars Cricket, tens of thousands of boys and girls have played, enjoyed and benefited from getting involved in cricket for the very first time.

“This is a first but very significant step in our plans to grow the game and get a bat and ball in the hands of more people across England and Wales. We have ambitious plans for All Stars to give more children a great first experience and make sure this starts a lifelong association with the game.

“It’s really pleasing to see parents being introduced or brought back to the game, first through their kids getting involved, then playing, volunteering or supporting their local club.”

Matt Counsell, the Somerset Cricket Board League & Club Development Officer, who ran All Stars in Somerset, said: “Cricket among primary school-aged boys and girls has certainly been boosted thanks to the programme.

“Amongst the 38 clubs there were a number that didn’t already have a junior section in place, such as Butleigh and Witham Friary who both had over 30 kids attending their sessions. We also had clubs significantly grow their youth sections with Lansdown in Bath attracting over 100 All Stars which saw them nominated for the All Stars Club of the year at the recent NatWest OSCA’s. There were also large numbers attending sessions at Backwell, Flax Bourton, Clevedon, Knowle, Midsomer Norton and Taunton.

“We definitely got more bats and balls into kids’ hands and inspired them and their parents into a passion for cricket.

Interested in Running All Stars Cricket at your club in 2018?

To express an interest in running or sign up for All Stars Cricket in 2018 please contact Matt Counsell:

By signing up early we can book in Coaching & Assembly visits with your local schools.

Alternatively to find out more infomation please attend out Club Development Roadshows in January where we will providing clubs with more information on the All Stars Programme.

What's new for All Stars 2018?

Increased Local Marketing Support

There will be a one stop shop for download able resources and materials.

  1. All Centres will be given a marketing toolkit to give them the confidence to activate plans locally within their own communities.
  2. Full alignment with the Chance to Shine programme, which includes All Stars taster session within schools and assemblies built around progression kids to the All Stars programme.
  3. As a county board will also be supporting with a targeted schools assemble campaign that is over and above our Chance to Shine relationship


Improved club management system

  1. Introduction of ‘vanity URL’s’ this means that clubs will be able to market themselves more effectively in 2018
  2. Based on feedback from parents that a clear understand who their activator is and how they can contact them would increase conversion during registrations but also increase the experience in case of rain or the need to have questions answered.
  3. Document uploading system will also be ready for 2018 to allow clubs to easily add all documents relevant to the delivery of the programme.


Year 2 Participant Kit Offer 

There will be a differentiated kit offer for year 2 children, to include stumps and a new shirt which includes 8 stars on it to signify participants earning the 8 badges in year 1.


Year 2 Club Equipment Offer 

The year 2 equipment for clubs will include:

  1. A voucher system and top up packs to ensure all equipment is available
  2. Parent helper vests so that all volunteers can be clearly identified
  3. An online shop to purchase additional equipment


  Activator kit – the provision for Activators has improved, most notably:

  1.   A new and increased range of clothing
  2.   Female specific clothing
  3.   An online shop to purchase additional clothing

Activator support – As well as the kit, activators are also being supported with:

  1. A curriculum update, focusing on a greater range of activities
  2. Progression/Regression activities to improve provision for different ages and stages
  3. More live demonstrations of sessions being delivered for Activators to view in their own time


Financial model – Whilst we have not been told what the financial model is going to look like, we have been assured that:

  1. the review taking place is about what can be offered as a rebate to club. This will not be less than the £5 that was offered in 2017
  2. the RRP will remain at £40