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U11s District Squads 2018

Ben Longman, Billy Clarke, Brogan Flitton, Caleb Schreiber, Freddie Field, George Epsley, Harry Walker, Isaac Finch, Isaac Mears, James Linegar, Joe Fussell, Kieran Hill, Lewis Goodrum, Louie Ward, Max Smyth-Lees,Michael Vaughan Nathan, Oliver Kemp, Nathaniel Stowell, Oliver Mellenchip, Shafin Akhtar, Thomas Fursland, Thomas Hopkins, Toby Hallett, Valentine Roberts William Hiles,Zach Mabey

In addition to the District Spring and Summer Festivals, there will also be District Training, this is to further expand the important role that this stage of the player pathway provides. 
District Cricket Training will take place on the following dates:
18 March 2018  25 March 2018  6 April 2018  13 April 2018  

District Festivals will take place on the following dates:   

Spring: 22, 29 April & 6 May 2018   

Summer: 13, 15, 17 August 2018