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U13  District Squads 2018

Aidan Vincent, Archie Frost, Ben Cherson, Benjamin Squire, Charlie Ball, Charlie Binns, Fergal McDonald, Freddie Turnell, George Bruce, Harrison Hambly, Harry Acton, Harry Charlesworth, Harry Love, Jacob Hurry, Joe Last-Sutton, Joel Sargeant, Johnnie Drysdale, Johnnie Lawson Johnston, Joshua Alford, Joshua Lamb, Joshua Nelson, Leo James, Lewis Richards, Maximilian Earp, Oliver Hunt, Oliver Smith, Raff Weston, Riley Millett,Sam Tucker,Thomas Shattock,Toby Barlow,William Foster, William Howells 

In addition to the District Spring and Summer Festivals, there will also be District Training, this is to further expand the important role that this stage of the player pathway provides. 
District Cricket Training will take place on the following dates:
18 March 2018  25 March 2018  6 April 2018  13 April 2018  

District Festivals will take place on the following dates:   

Spring: 22, 29 April & 6 May 2018   

Summer: 13, 15, 17 August 2018